Dynamic RevShare

Dynamic RevShare


The traditional commission, which provides the strong revenue stream from the casino’s income. All the negative balances are not transferred to the next accounting period.

The RevShare program is available to all the partners and doesn’t require any activation. This is the best long term solution as it guarantees regular income during the whole lifetime value of the invited players. The interest rate in RevShare is dynamic and depends only on the amount of new players invited by a Partner.


FTD 0 = 25% from NGR
FTD 1-5 = 30% from NGR
FTD 6-10 = 35% from NGR
FTD 11-20 = 40% from NGR
FTD 21-30 = 45% from NGR
FTD 31 and more = 50% from NGR


RevShare Formula:

FTD = First time depositsNGR=[(Bets-Wins)-(Bets-Wins)*Admin Fee 30%] – [(Issued Bonuses-Cancelled Bonuses)-(Positive Corrections-Negative Corrections)]

A negative balance on one brand does not affect a positive balance on another brand. Payments are made for each brand separately and they are not bundled.

FTD for the payment are summarized from all casinos you work with.